Writing Services

I can write a little content here or there, refresh your website bio, formulate some advertising copy for you, and more. The sky’s the limit.

Don’t see what you want on this page? We can get creative and think outside the box.

Previous work includes writing web pages for technical sites (such as ID Integration, Inc.) and non-technical sites (such as RomeAddress.com).

I’ve edited a number of books, including Joan Stewart’s “How to Be a Kick-Butt Publicity Hound” and Kris Wilder’s “There Are Angels in My Head!: How to Make Sense of the Mystical Experience”. I’m the author of two published books, available on Amazon.com. View my Amazon.com author page here.

I’ll be happy to create the writing you need. Just give me a call: (530)541-2575. Or shoot me an email, and we’ll chat.

I’m Anne Roos, Your Web Writer, and here’s my Menu of 10 Delicious Copywriting Services plus 3 new menu items:

New Menu Items!

1. New!…SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Package: Drive more customers to your website, blog, and online profiles. This is copy written with your key words in mind to get your pages listed the top of search engines. Includes copy for blogs, press releases and reputation management, too.

Monthly packages to help you hit your SEO goals. Back link articles, niche articles, and white papers. It all can be done to increase your search engine rankings!

2. New!…SEO Keyword Phrases Package: Do you need to know which keywords to use when writing your web pages, blogs, and social media posts? Let YourWebWriter figure them out for you.

3. New!…The Announcement Genie Package: Remembering your customers and clients is easy. On your behalf, I can send digital holiday cards, birthday cards, event invitations, discount coupons–all sorts of fun stuff. With classy graphics and kind thoughts, your customers and clients will love you, because you remembered them.

More Menu Items for Your Main Course

1. The Boo! Ghost Writing Service Package: Writing and research for fiction, non-fiction, and technical works. Fees depend upon the scope of the writing, and the time needed to research and create. Give me a call and we’ll talk about putting the spirit into your writing (including ghostwriting for your tweets).


2. The Article Creation Package:
Great articles for you to include in your newsletter, blog, website, and social media. You decide the length. It’s all billed hourly on my research and writing time.

Samples anyone? Here’s an example of a technical white paper: “Avoiding the Expense of RFID Asset Tracking Infrastructures”

Avoiding the Expense of RFID Asset Infrastructures

And here is an example of a non-technical article from The Folk Harp Journal:

Sample Non-Technical Business Article by Anne Roos

3. The Getting Started Social Networking Package:
I’ll post profiles for you with your content or mine, along with a profile picture of your choice. You’ll receive the links to each of your profiles so that you can add them on your website, amazon.com, and elsewhere.

Once your profiles are completed, change them as you like, with all your fabulous new information.

Includes any 6 of the following profile pages, or other pages that interest you. Each is linked to your website or page of your choice (If you aren’t interested in one of the following profile pages, a profile from another site of your choice can be substituted).

  • Twitter profile
  • Facebook profile
  • Facebook business/fan page
  • Yelp business page
  • LinkedIn profile page
  • Google +
  • YouTube channel
  • Amazon.com author page
  • Or pages from sites that interest you, such as Pinterest, Reverbnation, WeddingWire, or elsewhere.

Save money
when you don’t need to post a gallery, music or video files. You’ll also receive 2 hours of consultation time, so that you’ll be able to add your friends and navigate the social network with ease.

4. The A-La-Carte Social Networking Package:
This is the package for you when you just need one or two profiles set up, . Your content or mine. Simply email me instructions and I’ll run with the ball. Send your favorite profile photo, too.

Save money when you don’t need to post a photo gallery or add music or video files.

5. Blog Services:
Non-technical topics include
 general business, music and the arts, food, travel, and more.
Technical blog content includes scientific, mathematical, and computer-related information—And I’ll make sure it makes sense to any reader.

Choose between posting one article per week or two. Pay monthly. The longer the contract, the larger the discount. You’ll also receive a discount when you only need to post non-technical information.

6. The Bread-and-Butter Blog Service Package: This is the basic package to get your blog up and running or keep it going while your are busy dealing with more important things.

Includes 1 post per week/4 posts per month. Your content or mine. All posts are formatted and include hyperlinks, tags, and a photo or YouTube video. Posts are approx. 300-400 words in length.

The Get-Er-Done Blog Management Package: This is the complete blog management package that allows you to let your blog run on autopilot. No worries–I’m a good driver.

It includes 1-2 posts per week, or 6 posts per month. Your content or mine. All posts are formatted and include hyperlinks, tags, and a photo or YouTube video. Posts are approximately 350-500 words in length. Contract is for one calendar quarter (3 months).

7. The Whole Shebang Social Media and Blog Content Marketing Service:
Tired of sitting at your computer or being bothered on your smartphone with social network posts? Tired of trying to keep up with it all? Well, here’s your solution.

This package includes up to 10 posts per month on a combination of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest. Posts include text, links, photos, and social media updates.

8. Database Management and Email Blast Packages:

I’ll manage your confidential contact list as an Excel spreadsheet. I’ll send off your newsletters at your command, manage your list for opt-ins and opt-outs, and send you regular updates.

Choose between 6 emails blasted to your list with 6 months of database management or 12 emails blasted to your list with 12 months of database management. Note: These packages do not include newsletter or content creation, only email distribution.

9. Newsletter Services:
I’ll create newsletters that you can blast to your email list, post on your website, or print and distribute. These newsletters include a major article, plus your marketing message. These can also be event-specific newsletters, as well. Include any content that will light up the interest of your customers and clients.

Supply me with the important elements that you want to see in your newsletter—name, photos, logos, subjects, event specifics, your bio, etc.—and I’ll write feature articles. Or you can supply your own article content and I’ll devise a newsletter around it.

Get 6 newsletters or purchase 12 newsletters and receive one more newsletter for free–a baker’s dozen! 40% off when you provide your own ready-to-post articles for your newsletters. Choose PDF newsletters if you want to print them as fliers and attach them to an email message to blast to your list. Choose HTML if you don’t want to print up the newsletter and want me to handle blasting it to your list.

The PDF 2000 Newsletter Package: Approximately 2,000-word article plus customized newsletter delivered as a PDF file.

The PDF 1000 Package: Approximately 1,000-word article plus customized newsletter delivered as a PDF file.

10. The Newsletter on Autopilot Package: This is the ultimate, baker’s dozen, HTML newsletter, creation and distribution package! 13 Freshly-written monthly issues, which include:

  • One approximately 1,000 word article
  • Additional content of your choice
  • Your company’s branding information (name, logo) and contact info
  • Email forwarding, opt-in, and unsubscribe options
  • Direct links to your products, websites, YouTube videos, and social media profiles
  • Database management
  • Once-a-month email distribution of your newsletter to your list—Like clockwork, your newsletter will go out once a month to your clients and customers
  • Replies go into your inbox, not through me
  • A link to add to your website inviting your website visitors  to sign up for your newsletter

Don’t see the package for you? Contact me and let me know what you’re looking to accomplish, and we’ll go from there.