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Anne Roos CDsClient: Cambria Music
Subject: Album Liner Notes for Small Gift Books Containing Music CDs
Titles: “Haste to the Wedding”, “Mermaids & Mariners”, and “A Light in the Forest”

• Inventive storytelling, poetry, and prose paint the scene for the music and invite listeners to use their imaginations as they sit back and enjoy

• Packaged as gifts, each album has added value as a collector’s item, containing much more than a music CD—The books form a keepsake with stunning descriptions of each tune, historical background, recipes, toasts, and elegant graphics

• Research of the background for each track is well-annotated, and all necessary copyright information is listed

• Musician biographies serve to highlight their achievements and prove the incomparable value of their instrumentals on the enclosed disc

• Final drafts of liner notes required smooth, collaborative communications with the president of the recording label, album producers, musicians, package designers, and printers to sign-off before the album packages went to print

A Light in the Forest CD by Anne RoosSample from “A Light in the Forest” Liner Notes (music CD packaged inside 27 pages of book including historical background about each track, poetry and prose to highlight each track explanation, and musician bios)

“The forest is at once both beautiful and mysterious. You are drawn into the cool air, the mottled colors of leaves, and the secluded quiet only broken by the crunch of twigs and dry leaves underfoot. The whispers of clandestine lovers break the silence. Curious eyes may be spying: those of elfin beings, fairies and nymphs, witches, trolls, and ghostly apparitions. You may happen upon something quite out of the ordinary, perhaps bears dancing in a glen. Look carefully, as if hunting for mushrooms, or all of this may escape your view completely.

Here, we’ll reveal the forest’s secrets. In this recording of traditional and original music, we illuminate the seldom seen and heard, as if shining a shaft of light into the heart of the forest to discover what may actually dwell within…”

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Haste to the Wedding CD by Anne RoosSample from “Haste to the Wedding” Liner Notes (music CD packaged inside 43 pages of book including historical background about each track, toasts, poems and prose about love, wedding traditions, and recipes)

“’Celtic wedding music has a charm all its own. Its timeless sound suggests traditions from earlier eras and ancient lands, music passed down through so many generations that often the original composer is forgotten.

These instrumentals evoke the feelings of everlasting love. The tracks are listed in the order that music flows at a wedding. You may wish to select tracks for each activity of your wedding ceremony, or simply let this recording run its course and change activities as the music changes…”

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Mermaids and Mariners CD by Anne RoosSample from “Mermaids & Mariners” Liner Notes (music CD packaged inside 22 pages of book, including historical background about each track and musician bios)

“Something magical takes over your heart when you fall in love with the sea. A bold man would say that it’s the lure of adventure intermixed with independence, but it’s more than that.

For ages, the sea has mysteriously enticed men into dangerous work: onto maritime, whaling, and even pirate ships. These men are willing to give up stable lives on land, and their true loves, to face the uncertainty of a safe return from sea...”

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