Statistical Report

Statistical Report Portfolio ExampleClient: International Society of Folk Harpers & Craftsmen, Publisher of the Folk Harp Journal
Subject: How Working Musicians Can Use Statistics About Millennial Brides to Their Advantage
Title: “The Harper in Business: Bridging the Wedding Gap”

• Data collected from comprehensive research created the basis for this article about how the millennial generation makes buying decisions

• Statistics cited from reliable sources (the Pew Research Center and, for example) prove the solutions offered in the body of the article will bring success

• Readers can rely on advice backed by statistical data because it avoids stereotypes

• The conversational narrative interests a wide audience—Musicians who are considering performing at weddings, those that are professional wedding musician performers, and everyone in between

• Final draft was submitted by deadline, working hand-in-hand with the Editor-in-Chief to accept last-minute updates before the magazine went to print

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