Book Editing

There Are Angels on My Head BookClient: Kris Wilder, Stickman Publications
Subject: Understanding the Spiritual Experience
Title: “There Are Angels in My Head! How to Recognize and Make Sense of the Mythical Experience”

• Translating the spiritual realm for the reader’s easy understanding required updating the text with sentences and paragraphs that smoothly communicated the author’s ideas

• Style standards were followed to prepare the manuscript for publication deadline

• Established a friendly, give-and-take relationship with the author, where reasons behind suggested changes were accepted with an open mind

“There Are Angels in My Head! How to Recognize and Make Sense of the Mythical Experience”, 163 pages, Stickman Publications, Inc., Publishing date: October 9, 2015

From the Preface:

"This book is a map and not the experience.

There are many books explaining how to connect with the Divine. These books will teach you how to be more present and more focused. They may offer methods to use when exploring the ineffable. None of these books are perfect. None are all-inclusive, including this work. Walking the spiritual path is not easy, so there are many road maps. As for the road maps that are good, they have altitudes of mountains, flow of rivers, etc. Think of the maps of the new world used by early explorers. At times the maps were just too abstract to offer any accessible guidance...”

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