Celebrity Interview

Michael JacksonClient: International Society of Folk Harpers & Craftsmen, Publisher of the Folk Harp Journal
Subject: Michael Jackson’s Personal Photographer is Interviewed for Photograph Session Tips
Title: “The Harper in Business: How to Get That Perfect Photographic Image”

• Interviewed Michael Jackson’s personal photographer to learn how to ensure the money spent on a photo session will produce fantastic results

• A thorough process was followed to glean fascinating, useful information, without wasting the interview subject’s time.

• Managed question preparation ahead of the interview, added additional questions during the interview to probe for more details, kept a record of exactly what was said by recording and transcribing the interview, created a flowing narrative from the answers provided, met deadlines to supply the final draft for editorial review, and worked within the design parameters provided by the editor-in-chief

• Submitted the final draft to the interview subject for his approval, confirming his pleasure with the article before it hit the presses

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