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Client: ID Integration, Inc.Technical FAQs Web Page Portfolio Example
Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About FDA Compliance
Title: "FDA UDI FAQs"

• Selected questions showcase the client’s expertise to earn their trust in the field of FDA UDI compliance

• Answers to FAQs are designed with a keen eye to furthering customers down the sales funnel—Info holds customers’ attention and leads them to related product/services pages within the client’s website

• Questions and answers incorporate the language of the client’s customers, with ample use of bullet points, to deliver useful technical information that is easy to navigate

• Details found elsewhere on the internet or on the client’s website are not duplicated in the FAQs web page—This page only contains original content that is optimized to enable Google searches (strengthening SEO), in addition to improving site navigation

• Links to federal regulations lend credibility to the answers provided, and inbound links prevent readers from leaving the client’s website to search for information elsewhere on the internet

Visit this FDA UDI FAQs Web Page

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