E-Book Guest Author

E-Book Guest Author Portfolio ExampleClient: Joan Stewart, the “Publicity Hound”
Subject: Authored Chapter Covering Publicity Tips for Musicians
Title: “How to Be a Kick-Butt Publicity Hound”

• Smooth collaboration with DIY publicity authority, Joan Stewart, to compose a chapter on social media marketing for musicians

• Writing as a guest author contributed additional information to help the publication reach a larger audience and link to/cross-promote additional publications

• The supplemental 14-page chapter is designed to blend in with the user-friendly, conversational voice of this e-book

Sample from “How to Be a Kick-Butt Publicity Hound, 5th Edition”, by Joan Stewart and Tom Antion, ©2017, 651 pages, Anchor Publishing, released as an e-book

“Chapter 30: Substitutes for MySpace

Tips From a Musician

Since the popularity of MySpace waned, an assortment of social networks for musicians and music lovers has taken over. Investigate which ones would best meet your goals of selling more downloads and CDs, landing more lucrative gigs, receiving radio airplay, and creating demand for your music.

Even if you are not a musician and don’t plan to market music, if you regularly post audio or video feeds on your website and to your subscribers, you might want to look into creating a profile on some of these sites. For instance, if you are a speaker looking to book engagements, these sites may work well for you. Spread your net and catch as many fish as you can!...”

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