Product Descriptions

Product Descriptions Portfolio ExampleClient: Advanced Emissions Control Solutions, LP
Subject: Online Catalog of Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Products
Title: “Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs)”

• Quality content focuses on communicating with the client’s ideal buyers directly, as if the client is having a friendly conversation in person

• Original product descriptions compel customers to buy, instead of copying product descriptions verbatim from the manufacturer’s and competitor’s websites (thus preventing the wrath of Google’s “Farmer algorithm” penalty)

• Readers are invited to imagine how the products will improve their lives and their work: how the products prevent fines, increase efficiency, and save money

• Relevant keyword phrases are judiciously sprinkled throughout product descriptions to bolster SEO, increasing the number of buying customers that stop by the client’s website for a visit

• Product details include internal links to other items on the client’s site, encouraging the customer to bundle merchandise to increase the client’s profit margin on the sale

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