Web Services

I work with VisionASP, a leader in webpage and software design for websites and mobile app development. They create pages using Content Management Software (CMS), building content for pages that you can later update as you like. This eliminates the bother and expense of going through a webmaster every time you need to update information, graphics, and media on your site.

Through my colleagues at VisionASP, I can create content for your websites and online stores to your specifications. VisionASP can also:

• Optimize your website, blog, and any other public sites (Search Engine    Optimization, otherwise known as SEO).

• Convert anything that you send to me into HTML code, if needed.

• Host your site and set up an email account based on your domain (info@yourdomain.com, for example).

• Set up a super duper spam filter for you. Way cool! You’ll never miss those emails about personal enhancement or business opportunities from Nigeria.

Here are some of the Fabulous Packages that I can offer you through my partnership with VisionASP:

Social Media Package: Includes social media integration, a blog, a forum, site search, and scrolling news on your website.

Membership Package: Includes member management software, basic database creation, e-blast capability, and subscription capture and management for your website.

Design Package: Includes flash banner, basic logo design, basic flash intro/animation, gallery, and basic image edits for your website.

Online Retail Enhancement Package: Includes site search, e-blasts and subscription management, live chat, automated FAQ page, and optional store locator/zip code for your online store.

I also work with additional colleagues: a fabulous virtual assistant, a publicist, and more (I can even turn you on to a business astrologer and psychic!). Think of me as the person who can get the word out for what you have to say and offer—on the Internet and beyond!