Our Website Privacy Policy

Anne Roos, the professional writer behind YourWebWriter.com, ensures you that you can roam safely on her website. Visitors of any age, color, religion, and politics are welcome here. The text and graphics on all pages are G-rated, or in other words, it’s safe for anyone from ages 8 to 108.  

When you complete the contact form, your information is used for contact purposes only and is never placed on an email list. We only reach out to you for the purpose of responding to your inquiry. Because we don't store your information, we are in compliance with the European Council's GDPR Regulation and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

Your information is never sold or traded to other individuals, companies, or organizations. However, if compelled by law to disclose, we will comply with such orders.

Payments are not collected or processed on this website. However, we do post product purchase links to other sites, such as Amazon.com. We also post links to websites that may sell merchandise that we do not link to directly. Payment gateways are located on those sites, so we recommend that you check their website privacy policies to learn how they use your contact and payment information.

This privacy policy is updated periodically. If you have any privacy concerns regarding YourWebWriter.com, feel free to email us

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